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For questions about repair work in our San Diego shipyard, contact:

Dave Askew
Director, Repair Estimating 

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Master Ship Repair – From the Pacific to the Atlantic

Our robust ship repair operation spans both coasts and is primarily conducted in four strategic U.S. ports: Bremerton, Washington; Mayport, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia; and San Diego, California. Our capabilities include advanced ship repair, conversion, and maintenance for both commercial and national defense assets.

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Because our ship repair operations are part of a full-service shipyard, NASSCO’s repair customers benefit from the facilities and capabilities that are in place for full new ship construction.

Our San Diego shipyard encompasses 80 acres of land and 46 acres of water and offers:

  • 2 inclined building ways, 950-feet long and 108-feet wide
  • 8 fully serviced berths ranging from 600 to 1,000 feet
  • A 1,000-foot long, 174-foot wide graving dock with a lift capacity of 30,000 long tons
  • 10 whirley/portal cranes with individual lift capacities up to 300 tons and multi-crane lifts up to 620 tons
  • An 820-foot long, 136-foot wide floating drydock with an ABS-certified lift capacity of 44,000 long tons
  • 6 production workshops and 10 assembly areas
  • 2 blast cells and 5 paint cells for indoor prep and coating of hull blocks (52’x52’x30′)

Communications within the yard are instantaneous, with customer representatives, management, scheduling and repair crews in close touch at all times during the repair process. Decisions are made on the spot, to assure continuing progress and on-time completion of every repair.



General Dynamics NASSCO-Bremerton’s production and planning facilities were specifically designed to support U.S. Navy Ship Repair. Our 10,000 square-foot planning and engineering offices are located just steps away from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard’s main gate in Downtown Bremerton, WA. Our 20,000 square-foot production facility is located approximately three miles from the shipyard and houses a fully functional production shop (all types of welding, pipe fabrication, etc.) capable of fabricating and constructing a wide array of ships equipment to support our ship repair efforts in the Pacific Northwest. Our 10,000 square-foot warehouse (co-located with our production warehouse) is government approved and is used to store both GFM (Government Furnished Material) and CFM (Contractor Furnished Material). Click here to learn more.



General Dynamics NASSCO-Norfolk is the consolidation of two great shipyards that have operated in the Port of Hampton Roads, Virginia for more than 50 years – the former Metro Machine Corporation and the former Earl Industries With facilities in Bremerton, Washington in the Pacific Northwest, our expertise encompasses experience on more than 450 ships, a Master Ship Repair Agreement (MSRA) contract, and the maintenance and repair of aircraft carriers and ships from the Navy’s amphibious fleet, including the LPD-17 Class of amphibious transport dock ships. Click here to learn more.



General Dynamics NASSCO-Mayport is expert and fully certified at all types of complex, restricted, and technical availabilities (including drydock availabilities and the integration of related repair efforts such as AIT’s) on U.S. Navy ships and craft of all classes, including aircraft carriers and submarines. In addition, NASSCO-Mayport is consistently seeking new opportunities and markets in which to offer the company’s full range of quality services at competitive prices. This constant drive to expand by building on our existing capabilities is one of the keys to NASSCO-Mayport’s success as it keeps the company lean and well-managed resulting in a cohesive, goal-oriented team. Click here to learn more.