T-AKE Program

The Lewis and Clark Class T-AKE is a dry cargo/ammunition ship, totaling 14 ships. Designed to operate independently for extended periods at sea while providing underway replenishment services, the T-AKE directly contributes to the ability of the Navy to maintain a forward presence.

 These ships provide logistic lift from sources of supply either in port or at sea and transfer cargo that includes ammunition, food, fuel, repair parts, and expendable supplies and material to station ships and other naval warfare forces at sea. The T-AKE replaces the aging T-AE ammunition ships and T-AFS combat stores ships that are nearing the end of their service lives.

In February 2008, the Navy awarded a $100-million Long-Lead Time Materials (LLTM) contract for the 11th T-AKE ship. Four months later, the Navy provided $100 million in LLTM funding for the 12th T-AKE. In December 2008, the Navy awarded a $940 million contract to NASSCO to fully fund T-AKE 11 and 12, and provide LLTM funding for the 13th and 14th ships. In February 2010, NASSCO received an $825 million contract that provided full funding for T-AKE 13 and 14. The T-AKE program totaled 14 ships, all now delivered.

Lewis and Clark Class Ships:

  • T-AKE 1: USNS Lewis and Clark
  • T-AKE 2: USNS Sacagawea
  • T-AKE 3: USNS Alan Shepard
  • T-AKE 4: USNS Richard E. Byrd
  • T-AKE 5: USNS Robert E. Peary
  • T-AKE 6: USNS Amelia Earhart
  • T-AKE 7: USNS Carl Brashear
  • T-AKE 8: USNS Wally Schirra
  • T-AKE 9: USNS Matthew Perry
  • T-AKE 10: USNS Charles Drew
  • T-AKE 11: USNS Washington Chambers
  • T-AKE 12: USNS William McLean
  • T-AKE 13: USNS Medgar Evers
  • T-AKE 14: USNS Cesar Chavez