T-AO Program

U.S. Navy John Lewis Fleet Oiler Program (T-AO 205)

The new fleet oilers for the U.S. Navy are designed to transfer fuel to the Navy’s carrier strike groups operating at sea. The oilers feature the capacity to carry 162,000 barrels of oil, a significant dry cargo capacity, aviation capability and a speed of 20 knots. NASSCO designed the new vessels with double hulls to protect against oil spills and strengthened cargo and ballast tanks. The vessels measure 742-feet in length with full load displacement of 49,850 tons. The class and lead ship is named in honor of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).

John Lewis Class Ships:

  • USNS John Lewis (T-AO 205)
  • USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO 206)
  • USNS Earl Warren (T-AO 207)
  • USNS Robert F. Kennedy (T-AO 208)
  • USNS Lucy Stone (T-AO 209)
  • USNS Sojourner Truth (T-AO 210)

Download Fact Sheet: Fact Sheet – T-AO Program