Matson Kanaloa Class ConRo

On August 25, General Dynamics NASSCO announced a partnership with Matson Navigation Company, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Matson, Inc. (NYSE: MATX), for the design and construction of two Kanaloa Class liquefied natural gas (LNG)-capable containerships with roll-on, roll-off capability.

The 870-foot-long, 3,500 TEU containership design provides the capability to transport containers, automobiles and rolling stock, including trailers. Using proven design standards, the design incorporates LNG-capable main and auxiliary engines, which are compliant with Tier III emission requirements. The design accommodates future installation of a LNG fuel gas system.

Construction on the first ship will begin in 2018. Once delivered, the Jones Act qualified vessels will serve a trade route between the continental west coast and Hawaii.


Fact Sheet: Matson Kanaloa Class ConRo

Matson TEU Containership