SeaLift New Construction Fact Sheet

Strategic Sealift Ship - NewMission

Deployment, roll-on/roll-off of military cargoes in either prepositioning or surge mode to anywhere in the world.

Principal Characteristics

Length Overall: 950′-0″
Length Between Perpendiculars: 905′-0″
Beam, Molded: 105′-9″
Design Draft: 34′-0″
Scantling Draft: 37′-0″
Displacement at Design Draft: 62,700 L. Tons
Cargo Stowage Area (Total): 393,000 sq.ft.

Hull Arrangements

Berthing, living, messing, recreation, and office spaces for a permanent crew consisting of 13 Officers and 32 Unlicensed personnel. Similar facilities are available for supercargo crew of 2 Officers, 12 NCOs, and 36 Enlisted personnel. Additional features include leisure and community facilities, hospital complex, laundry facilities, and workshops.

Propulsion Plant

Two GE LM-2500 gas turbines with an output of 32,000 BHP each
Two 24′-0″ controllable pitch propellers–95 RPM at full power
12,500 KW total ship’s service generating capability
2,000 KW emergency generating capacity

Speed and Endurance

Design speed is 24 knots (90% MCR at design draft)
Range is 13,800 miles at design speed and draft

Cargo System

Self-sustaining Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) capabilities
Self-sustaining Lift-On/Lift-Off (LO/LO) capabilities
Optimized for RO/RO operations
Capable of the following cargo operations using ship’s equipment

  • RO/RO, LO/LO, and transport vehicles
  • RO/RO, LO/LO, and transport containers
  • LO/LO and transport lighterage
  • RO/RO and LO/LO cargo onto a pier
  • RO/RO and LO/LO cargo in-stream in Sea State 3
  • Simultaneous RO/RO and LO/LO capability

Cargo Handling Equipment

Centerline stern slewing ramp
Port and starboard sideport ramp system
Two single pedestal twin cranes
All RO/RO decks fixed
Combination of fixed and hinged RO/RO ramps

Special Features

Environmental control for cargo holds
Foam firefighting and dewatering system for cargo holds
Bow thruster units
List control system

Navigation and Communication Equipment

Satellite Navigation Receiver with GPS
Doppler speed log
Echo depth sounder
Full communications suite