TOTE Orca Class Trailership Fact Sheet


Principal Characteristics

Length Overall: 839′ 0"
Beam: 118′ 0"
Depth (at Spar Deck, amidships): 90′ 0"
Maximum Draft: 29′ 6"
Speed at 90% RMP: 24 kts.
Trailer Capacity : 600 F.E.U.
Auto Capacity: 200
Cargo Deck Area: 360,000 sq. ft.
Design Displacement: 45,843 LT
Lightship Weight: 23,975 LT

ABS Classification

A1, MS,


Transports trucks, cars, trailers, trailer-borne products and equipment, military equipment, and project cargo between Tacoma, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska. Approved for international voyages.

Hull Arrangement

Raised fo’c’s’le deck, with turtleback; transom stern; bulbous bow; deckhouse aft
Six decks with fixed ramps fore and aft
Ice belt strengthening
Twin gondolas
Semi-balanced Mariner type rudders
Quarters for 35 persons, including crew of 22

Cargo System

Enhanced integration of ship design for shore-based ramp structure
Open deck cargo protection with covered fo’c’s’le
Increased deck strengthening
200 reefer receptacles
Electric ramp and deck de-icing system
List compensation system

Propulsion Plant

Twin-screw diesel-electric with total installed power of 52.2 mW
Main engines: 4 (each) MAN B&W 9L 58/64 and 2 (each) MAN B&W 9L 27/38 medium speed diesels at 400 and 720 rpm respectively
The diesel engines are designed to operate on both Heavy Fuel Oil, ISO 8217 Grade RMH 55 or Marine Diesel Oil, ISO 8217 Grade DMC
The electric propulsion plant is an Alstom 6.6 kV system; each motor is synchronous, variable speed, reversible, brushless, double-wound and rated at 19.75 mW at 125 rpm
Synchroconverters facilitate starting and speed control of main propulsion motors

Hull Machinery

8 self-contained electro-hydraulic mooring winches
2 anchor windlass/mooring winch combinations
2 steel, high-holding-type anchors
6 sideport openings without doors
7 internal cargo hold doors, hydraulically operated
24 winches for shore-side ramp handling
2 electro-hydraulic ram type steering gears
2 ice-strengthened five-bladed propellers

Navigation and Communications

Ship Route Planning computer system
GMDSS Radio System
3 radar systems, one 10 cm and two 3 cm systems, all with CAS
Dual adaptive gyro-pilot steering systems

Shipboard Automation

Power Management System for automatic control of electrical power generation and distribution
Machinery Centralized Control System including plant control, alarm and monitoring