NASSCO Employees are eligible to participate in the following commuter programs. All forms are available at the Career Center located in Building 1. If you have any questions, please contact

Join an existing vanpool or start your own to take advantage of commuter benefits here! 

Existing participants submit daily and monthly logs here!


Monthly and automatic San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) reloads are offered through the Pronto Card on a monthly NASSCO payroll deduction.

How to Sign up for a Discounted MTS Pass

MTS Payroll Deduction Form

Contact Gilda Nieto for more information

Gilda Nieto
 (619) 544-8501


Biking to work helps you get exercise, save money, avoid parking lots, and reduce your environmental impacts!

Safely store your bike while you work

Go to the NASSCO Security Administration Office to register your bicycle and receive badge access to the NASSCO bike cage.

Submit a Bike Parking Request Form to reserve a bike locker at the Harborside Trolley Station near NASSCO or another bike parking location on the Bike Map.

Enroll in the Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Sustainable Commuters are guaranteed a back-up ride home. If you carpool, vanpool, take transit, walk, or bike to work, register for the program and get three reimbursed rides home in the case of:

        • Personal or family emergencies
        • Unexpected overtime
        • Being stranded at work due to a bike problem, such as a flat tire mechanical failure, vandalism, or theft.

Use resources to help you bike to work

        • Chart your route using the San Diego Regional Bike Map



Employees who use sustainable commute options are eligible for free rides home in emergencies 

Program participants will be reimbursed up to $100 per emergency ride up to three times per year.

How to Sign Up
If you meet the requirements, you can register for the program for free any time using the online registration form.

To use the program, you must:

How to Use the Program
If a participant meets the qualifications, they can pay for a ride home by taxi, Lyft, Uber, rental car, or transit in the event of an emergency. The trip Within 30 days, participants must submit the travel receipt to SANDAG for reimbursement up to $100. Participants can use the program three times per year.

Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement Instructions

Guaranteed Ride Home Flyer