Navy Subcontractor Access

Instructions for Third Party Entry into NASSCO’s Facility

The following are the requirements for admission to NASSCO and for access to vessels by U.S. Navy (“Navy”) contractors and their subcontractors, as well as other entities, which do not have a contractual relationship with NASSCO (“Third Party” or “Third Parties”). These instructions do not apply to NASSCO subcontractors. Subcontractors should consult with their NASSCO buyer for information on how to access NASSCO facilities.

  1. Navy Identification and Authorization

    Third Parties will not be granted admission to NASSCO or access to vessels without first being identified and authorized by the Navy (NAVSEA San Diego) and approved by NASSCO.

  2. NASSCO Access Procedures

    Third Parties must comply with NASSCO’s Access Control Procedures, including the submission of a Visit Request Form on company letterhead, and a list of all persons requiring admission to NASSCO. The request letter shall contain a certification stating, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, that all persons thereon are either United States citizens or lawful permanent residents. For persons who do not fall into one of these classes (“foreign persons”), an export authorization (e.g., license or technical assistance agreement) must be provided prior to admission to NASSCO.

  3. Third Party Access Agreement

    Third Parties granted admission to NASSCO and access to vessels must comply with the terms of the Third Party Access Agreement and the incorporated NASSCO Regulations for Third Party Access.

  4. Non-Interference

    Third Parties will be granted admission to NASSCO and access to vessels only with the express understanding that, in performing and fulfilling their obligations to the Government, they will not interfere with NASSCO’s performance of work. All requests for admission and/or access for more than five (5) persons require clearance by NASSCO for non-interference.

  5. Safety

    NASSCO maintains safety policies and procedures that conform to federal, state and local safety laws and regulations. These policies and procedures are set forth in NASSCO’s Regulations for Third Party Access. Click here for safety compliance directions prior to visiting or beginning work at NASSCO.

  6. Environmental Limitations and Restrictions

    NASSCO maintains strict limitations and restrictions on activities of Third Parties. These limitations and restrictions are necessary to ensure that NASSCO is in compliance with operating permits, emission limitations, and all applicable local, state and federal environmental laws. These limitations and restrictions, which include a prohibition against certain activities such as painting, welding, and the use of some chemicals, are set forth in NASSCO’s Regulations for Third Party Access. Prior to being authorized to enter the facility, Third Parties are required to complete and submit an Environmental Requirement Review Checklist and Certification form, which can be found here.

  7. Insurance Certificates

    NASSCO requires that, prior to being granted admission to its facilities and/or access to vessels, Third Parties provide current Certificates of Insurance evidencing all insurance coverages and endorsements as required by the Third Party Access Agreement.

  8. Procedure

    NASSCO requires seven (7) to ten (10) working days to process requests once they are received from the NAVSEA Security Officer. Admission to NASSCO and access to vessels will be granted only after receipt of all of the following:

    1. Visit Request Form on company letterhead approved by NAVSEA, including a list of all persons requiring admission or access in accordance with the Access Procedures (including full name, badge number (if available), job title, date of birth, place of birth and citizenship);

      Please see NAVSEA access requirements listed on the NAVSEA web site at

    2. Export authorization for all “foreign persons”;
    3. Certificates of Insurance for all required insurance policies;
    4. Third Party Access Agreement executed by an authorized representative for Third Party. The Third Party Access Agreement should be submitted directly to NASSCO;
    5. Comply with all safety and environmental requirements as identified in NASSCO’s Regulations for Third Party Access, including but not limited to the attendance by the senior on site reprensentative at a safety and evironmental orientation prior to commencement of work by Third Party; obtain signed approvals prior to the commencement of work from the NASSCO Safety and Environmental representatives.