Honoring Our Top Suppliers

We could not do it without you! General Dynamics NASSCO honors its top suppliers

Supplier performance excellence is fundamental to NASSCO’s success. To recognize this, NASSCO Supply Chain Management recently kicked off a new award program for its best performing suppliers and presented custom appreciation banners to NASSCO’s top three supply companies who continuously achieve the high performance standards necessary remain competitive in the shipbuilding market.

Performance Contracting Inc. (PCI) – San Diego Marine Branch

PCI has provided insulation material and services in support of NASSCO’s shipbuilding and repair business for the past 60 years. PCI is a true partner on NASSCO’s new construction projects, with its design, planning and production personnel fully embedded within NASSCO’s organization. More recently, PCI has expanded its footprint in NASSCO’s Ship Repair business. PCI’s excellent safety record and flexibility on a day-to-day basis demonstrate the highest levels of collaboration and have earned NASSCO’s full trust and confidence.

Valve Automation and Control (VAC) – A W&O Company

VAC has provided valves, fittings, and various other piping system products for nearly 30 years. VAC consistently demonstrates superior customer service and responsiveness. VAC works seamlessly with NASSCO engineering and production personnel on both new construction and repair projects.

Kloeckner Metals Corporation

Kloeckner is NASSCO’s principal supplier of steel plates and various other steel products. NASSCO and Kloeckner have continuously refined processes over the past 27 years to streamline the planning, procurement, delivery and storage of over 50,000 tons of steel per year in support of new construction programs. NASSCO appreciates that Kloeckner has also supported several short notice steel procurement requirements in support of repair projects. Kloeckner relentlessly seeks ways to reduce cost and improve customer service.