Sustainability: Water

Our location on San Diego Bay requires us to be protective of this important regional asset. As a caretaker of the Bay, we have dedicated a significant amount of resources toward this effort.

Our main efforts have been to eliminate discharges to the Bay:

  • All process water generated by our operations is treated onsite before discharge to the sewer
  • All storm water that falls or accumulates in the shipyard is collected onsite and is treated prior to discharge to the sewer and no storm water flows directly into San Diego Bay
  • From a total of 32 permitted discharges to the Bay we have eliminated all but two of those discharges:
    • Graving dock floodwater is integral to our shipbuilding process and can’t be eliminated but through significant efforts we meet all discharge limits
    • Similarly groundwater from under the graving dock can’t be eliminated but is treated prior to discharge to the Bay through a first-of-a-kind ion exchange treatment system that  results in the water being released from this system being cleaner than the Bay itself