At General Dynamics NASSCO, our sustainability initiatives are focused on reducing our consumption of resources, while increasing our efficiency and recycling activities in order to contribute to the quality of our environment, the facility, and our products on a long-term basis.

“We are committed to environmental and sustainability excellence and take our responsibility very seriously.”


General Dynamics NASSCO is committed to achieving compatibility between economic development and environmental excellence. We understand that to be a sustainable company we need to have a positive track record with environmental concerns and issues combined with a mission of continual improvement to further reduce or eliminate any impacts of our manufacturing process. We seek to ensure throughout all aspects of our activities that our employees and contractors give proper consideration to the care of the air, land, water and resources.


We are industry leaders and aim to go above and beyond in preventing pollution, recycling, energy reduction, air and water quality compliance, and proper management of our hazardous wastes and materials. Our environmental programs and values extend beyond our fence line and into the community with on-going local clean-up/revitalization events, and environmental education and awareness efforts.