Sustainability: Recycling

Recycling is one of the cornerstones of our environmental program, and it has become an everyday part of our employees’ lives while at NASSCO.

In 2010, NASSCO’s new in-house segregation line and Recycling Center came online. In the first year, the Center recycled 16 tons of paper and 39 tons of plastic, and diverted 234 tons of recyclable material from our local landfill. But our recycling activities don’t end there. Excess fuel must be removed from vessels that enter the shipyard for repair; each year, more than 125,000 gallons of fuel are removed, tested and reused. All particulates collected in the blast facility, prime lines and burning machines are reused along with all spent blast material as an additive in the manufacture of cement.

We recycle 94% of the waste that we generate which significantly minimizes our impact on local landfills as well as reducing our disposal costs.

In addition, the Recycling Center includes a compaction line which has reduced large trash truck hauls to the landfill from six truck hauls per day to just one, which significantly reduces NASSCO’s impact to the community.