Message from General Dynamics NASSCO’s President

Dear Fellow NASSCO Shipbuilders,

The recent events that took place in our Nation’s Capitol were unprecedented. Like many of you, I have seen the images and watched the videos in absolute disbelief.

When talking about NASSCO, I have often used the phrase “Fueling our economy and protecting our freedoms.” The ships we build for our Navy’s Sailors proudly fly our American flag. The work we do as a national critical infrastructure are daily reminders for me of the basic fundamentals of democracy. The attack on our Capitol was an attack on our democracy and as citizens of these United States we must come together to ensure the framework of our Constitution is upheld peacefully so this never happens again.

Throughout my 33 years working here in the shipyard, one element of our experience I have appreciated the most is our inclusivity. Thousands of shipbuilders from so many different backgrounds and cultures coming together to successfully design, build and repair complex ships for our customers. I am thankful for the positive example of unity that you all continue to display to both each other and our communities.

The tragic and unpatriotic events of this week will leave scars. It should also however embolden us to support our democracy and the ideals enshrined in our constitution. We must remember our shared values, our dedication to each other, our purpose and our duty we have to our beloved Nation.

We can all play a part in healing the wounds that divide us and calm the anger around us so that we may indeed form ” … a more perfect Union.” We as individuals, as a company and as a country will get through this. We will learn, we will grow and we will become stronger. During these unsettling times it is important to stay focused and committed to the significant work that we perform for our Nation, that we support each other as a team and we get through this as OneNASSCO.


David J. Carver

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