Project: EarthLab Conservation Garden

On Saturday, February 25, nearly 100 volunteers participated in a General Dynamics NASSCO and Groundworks San Diego Chollas Creek (GWSDCC) lead event at the EarthLab facility. EarthLab is a 4-acre parcel operated by GWSDCC, in partnership with the San Diego Unified School District, as an outdoor conservation education center. The objective of the event was to assist in the development of the EarthLab Conservation Garden.

The mission of the EarthLab Conservation Garden is to educate the general public, as well as students and residents, about the natural botanical environment in arid San Diego, and methods and means for water conservation and sustaining an environment that is compatible with San Diego’s climate and natural resources. The garden will also serve as an outdoor science and skill center for advanced learning in water conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, and for the acquisition of skills in such areas as propagation, farming, and landscaping water-wise gardens.

The goal of the garden is to provide landscape enhancements to at least 50 residential properties in Encanto with native California flora and promote conservation and health, support the local environment, and beautify homes and neighborhoods.  

General Dynamics NASSCO’s Community Cleanup and Restoration Committee has assisted GWSDCC EarthLab missions since 2006 with 14 employee and community volunteer events. NASSCO employees and co-contractors are proud to support these efforts!