List of CDRL Acronyms

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ABS American Bureau of Shipping
ACFS. T-AKE Cargo Flow Simulation
AHE Ancillary Handling Equipment
AT Acceptance Trials
BST Builder’s Sea Trials
BT Builder’s Trials
CAGE Contractor and Government Entity
CARP Cargo Arrangements and Routing Program
CDR Critical Design Review
CONREP Connected Replenishment
CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure
DAC Days After Contract Award
DARC Days After Receipt of Comments
DARP Days After Reporting Period
DATC Days After Test Completion
DI Data Item(s)
DPT Days Prior To
DRL Data Requirements List
ESWBS Extended Ship Work Breakdown Structure
FCDR Final Critical Design Review
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
GFM Government Furnished Material
GP Guarantee Period
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
ICDR Initial Critical Design Review
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
IAW In Accordance With
IGES Initial Graphic Exchange Specification
LCC Life Cycle Costs
LRC Logistic Review Conference
LSI Logistics Support Information
LT Letter of Transmittal
MHE Material Handling Equipment
MILDET Military Detachment
MSC Military Sealift Command
MTHLY Monthly
NLT Not Later Than
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
QRTLY Quarterly
RMA Reliability, Maintainability and Availability
R/ASR Revisions as Required
SAMM Shipboard Automated Maintenance Management System
SD Ship Delivery
SOW Statement of Work
SPPC Ship Production Progress Conference
SUPSHIP Supervisor of Shipbuilding
SVE Ship Verification Event
VERTREP Vertical Replenishment
WAS Women At Sea
WKLY Weekly
3-D 3-Dimensional