T-AKE Contract Data Requirements

List of CDRL Acronyms

  1. A005 Regulatory Body Certificates
  2. A013 Reports
  3. A014 Weights
  4. A027 Calculations and Stress Diagrams
  5. A034 High Impact Shock Test Procedures
  6. A035 Shock Test Report
  7. A036 Request for use of Government owned Shock Test Facilities
  8. A037 Shock Test Extension Request
  9. A040 Airborne Noise Test Reports
  10. A050 Ship Equipment Drawings
  11. A095 Equipment Logistics Support Information (LSI) Packages
  12. A108 Commercial Technical Manual, Equipment/ General Purpose and Supplemental Data
  13. A121 Dynamic Shock Analysis Mathematical Model Report
  14. A122 Dynamic Shock Analysis Report
  15. A123 Dynamic Shock Analysis Extension Request