T-AKE Fact Sheet

Lewis and Clark (T-AKE 1) Class Dry Cargo/ Ammunition Ship

T-AKE dry cargo/ammunition ship


Deliver ammunition, provisions, stores, spare parts, potable water and petroleum products to carrier battle groups and other naval forces, serving as a shuttle ship or station ship.

Download a pdf of the Lewis and Clark
(T-AKE 1) Class Dry Cargo/Ammunition
Ship Fact Sheet.

Principal Characteristics

Length Overall (689 ft.) 210M
Length between Perpendiculars (654.7 ft.) 199.55M
Beam, Molded (105.6 ft.) 32.2M
Draft, Design (29.9 ft.) 9.12M
Draft, Scantling (31.2 ft.) 9.50M
Displacement at Design Draft 41,000 MT

Speed and Endurance

Design Speed—20 knots @ design draft and 80% propulsion MCR
Range—14,000 NM @ design speed and draft


Integrated propulsion and ship service electrical 6.6 kV distribution system
Four FM/MAN B&W 9L and 8L 48/60 diesel generators with total installed power of 35.7 MW
Propulsion plant meets American Bureau of Shipping R1 redundancy requirements
Twin synchronous, variable speed, reversible, double-wound, Alstom propulsion motors with brush/slip-ring excitation, each rated at 11,262bkW at 120 rpm and mounted in tandem
Single fixed-pitch propeller


Berthing, messing and leisure and community spaces for a combined Military Sealift Command naval and civilian complement of 172, plus 25 spares

Cargo Capacities

Dry cargo 6675 MT
Cargo fuel 3242 MT (23,450 bbl)
Cargo potable water 200 MT (52,800 gal)

Cargo Systems

Two multi-purpose cargo holds for dry stores and/or ammunition
One cargo hold for freeze, chill and/or dry stores
Three specialty cargo and spare parts cargo holds
Additional specialty cargo spaces on 01 Level
Extensive cargo prestaging areas on Main Deck
Lightweight portable cargo dunnage system
Five cargo fuel tanks plus one slop tank
Two cargo potable water tanks
Three dry cargo and one liquid cargo Connected Replenishment (CONREP) stations on each side
Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP) by aircraft, using flight deck on Main Deck
Capability for simultaneous operation of five CONREP stations, or three CONREP stations plus VERTREP
Hangar and support facilities for two embarked military or commercial helicopters
Four 5 MT cranes for loading and offloading pierside or at anchorage
Eight cargo elevators for moving cargo between Main Deck and stowage locations

Special Features

Firefighting systems include:

  • seawater sprinkling and dewatering systems in cargo holds
  • foam system for flight deck, hangar and machinery space bilges
  • FM-200 clean agent fire extinguishing system for machinery spaces and certain other spaces

Naval communications suite
Air-conditioned cargo holds
Bow thruster
Extensive pollution control systems, including:

  • ballast water exchange
  • cargo fuel vapor recovery
  • main and auxiliary diesel exhaust meet MARPOL Annex VI guidelines