PC-1 Product Tankers

In August 2006, NASSCO received a $1 billion contract from U.S. Shipping Partners L.P., for the construction of five double-hulled product tankers for U.S. coastwise trade. The start of lead ship construction occurred in August 2007, with the first keel laid in December 2007. The lead ship was delivered to U.S. Shipping in January 2009. Starting with the third ship, NASSCO delivered these ships to American Petroleum Tankers.

Designated as the PC-1 class, the product tankers are 183 meters (600.4 feet) in length and 32.2 meters (105.6 feet) in beam, with a design draft of 11.8 meters (38.7 feet). The ships are double hulled, displace 49,000 dead weight tons (DWT) and have a cargo capacity of 331,000 barrels. Also, they have a single screw, are diesel-powered and have a target operating speed of 14.8 knots.

The PC tankers are based on an existing design from DSEC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering of Okpo, Korea. NASSCO entered into an agreement with DSEC in March 2006, to produce ships for the U.S. market under the Jones Act. While all five ships were built at the NASSCO shipyard in San Diego, DSEC provided detail designs and some services related to construction of the ships.

The PC-1 class replaces single-hulled and aging double-hulled ships that carry refined petroleum products among U.S. ports.

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