Step Across GD Challenge

Step Across GD

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Dates for Step Across GD
Enrollment opens: Tuesday, May 1
Challenge starts: Thursday, May 10
Challenge ends: Friday, June 8
Last day to sync steps: Monday, June 11

Eligibility and Enrollment

Am I eligible to participate in Step Across GD?

All General Dynamics’ employees are eligible along with spouses enrolled in a General Dynamics medical plan. To participate, you must register in the Jiff app.

What is the enrollment period?

The enrollment period is Tuesday, May 1 through Wednesday, May 9. Whenever you sign up, make sure to set up your activity tracker so you can hit the ground running!

How do I enroll in Step Across GD?

I’m activated in Jiff.

  1. In the Jiff app, click Explore from the bottom bar.
  2. In the Challenges section, click Step Across GD.
  3. Select Let’s Go to start.

I’m new to Jiff.

  1. Get started in Jiff
    1. Download the free Jiff – Health Benefits app. Or open the web app on your computer.
    2. Click Register, and enter the Jiff token wellness.
    3. Enter your date of birth and last name to verify your account.
    4. Enter your email address and password to create an account.
  2. Join the Step Across GD Challenge
    1. Click Explore from the bottom bar.
    2. In the Challenges section, click Step Across GD.
    3. Select Let’s Go to start.

How do I enroll my spouse in Jiff and get him/her enrolled in the Challenge?

  1. To invite your spouse to participate in Jiff…
    1. Click the ☰ More menu on the bottom right.
    2. Select My spouse/+1.
    3. Click on My spouse/+1.
    4. Click the To: Email Address text box, enter your spouse/+1’s email address, and clickYour spouse/+1 will receive an email invitation.
  2. Join the Step Across GD Challenge
    1. Click Explore from the bottom bar.
    2. In the Challenges section, click Step Across GD.
    3. Select Let’s Go to start.

Can I un-enroll from the challenge?

No. Once you’re signed up you cannot un-enroll. You can, however, choose not to participate by not tracking your steps. Keep in mind that if you don’t participate, your team will still need to achieve the same total of steps to unlock each milestone and your team will not be eligible to win a team prize.


If I create a team, can others join?

If you choose to create a team, you’ll become the designated team captain. You’ll have the option of making your team Public, which means anyone can join, or Private, which means that all team members must be invited and approved by you.

How many people are on a team?

You can have up to 6 team members, including spouses.

How do I create a team?

  1. Click Create a Team on the team selection screen.
  2. The default team setting is Public. The new option to create a Private team will ensure that people you don’t know won’t be randomly placed on your team. If you choose to make your team Private, a lock icon next to your team name will let others know. Others can view the team and its members, but will not be able to join without approval. (Note: You can switch your team setting from Private to Public, or vice-versa, anytime during the challenge.)
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to name your team and upload a photo.
  4. After creating your team, click Invite Others and select the colleagues you’d like to ask to join your team by typing his/her name into the available field.

How do I join a team?

  1. Click Join a Team on the team selection screen. You’ll see the teams you’ve been invited to join at the top of the list, plus a list of Public teams that have open spots.
  2. Select the team you’d like to join. You can also use the search box to look for other teams. Search either by team name or a colleague’s name.
  3. If there’s a Private team you’d like to join, click Request to Join. You’ll be notified if the team captain approves your request. You can send requests to join to multiple private teams. When one of your requests is approved, the other requests will be removed.

Can I invite someone to join my team?

Anyone on a Public team can invite colleagues who have registered in Jiff to join the team. On Private teams, captains are the only ones who can extend the invitations.

If you’re on a Public team and want to send an invitation…

  1. Click View My Team on the Challenge Countdown screen.
  2. Then click Invite Others on your team page.
  3. Select the colleagues you’d like to notify. They’ll receive an invitation to join your team. Invites will be sent directly to the user email address that the user registered with.

Can I switch teams?

You can change teams any time before the challenge starts on May 10. Once the challenge begins, all team selections are final. Team captains cannot leave their team once others have joined.

What if I don’t know which team to join?

  1. Click Put Me on a Team on the team selection screen.
  2. The app will automatically search for a team with open spots. First the app will try to match you to a Public team led by someone at your business unit, and if there are no spots, will match you with an open Public team. If there are no open spots on any Public team, you will be sent back to the Waiting Room, where you can choose to Create a Team, Join a Team, or be Put on a Team.

If you are not on a team two days prior to the challenge start, you will receive a reminder email to join a team.

Can team settings be changed during the challenge?

Yes, team captains can edit the team name and photo, and also switch to a Public or Private setting at any point during the challenge. Settings are accessed from the gear icon at the top right of the Team Profile page.

Activity Trackers

Do I need an activity tracker to participate?

Yes, you need a wearable activity tracker or an activity tracking app to participate in the challenge.

Where can I get an activity tracker?

You can purchase a wearable activity tracker or download a free activity tracking app in the Jiff Store. Access the Jiff Store by clicking Explore from the bottom bar, then select Jiff Store.

What if I already have an activity tracker?

As long as your activity tracker is compatible, you can link it to Jiff.

Which activity trackers are compatible with Jiff?

Jiff-compatible steps tracking services include:

  • Apple Health
  • CaloryGuard
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Google Fit
  • Health Mate
  • Misfit
  • Moves
  • MyFitnessPal
  • UP by Jawbone

For more details, refer to this Help Center article.

How do I link an activity tracker?

If your tracker is linked within the Jiff app, you will not need to re-link it for the challenge. If you do not have a tracker linked, you will be prompted to link it after you enroll in the challenge. On the Challenge Countdown screen, select Link Tracker. Follow the prompts to link your tracker.

How can I make sure my tracker is working with Jiff?

TheTest Your Trackerfeature shows you whether your tracker is linked and syncing correctly. If the challenge hasn’t started yet, you can find Test Your Tracker on the Challenge Countdown screen.

Once the challenge has started, you can access Test Your Tracker in one of two ways depending on your Jiff experience:

  • Click More from the bottom navigation bar, then select Test Your Tracker, or
  • Click Test Tracker from the bottom navigation bar.


How often do I need to sync my steps?

You should sync daily. First, check to see that your steps are updated in your activity tracking app. Then, open the Jiff app to sync your data.

My step count doesn’t seem accurate. How do I update my steps?

To ensure that your data is updated in Jiff, you must first make sure that your data is updated in your activity tracking service. For example, you need to sync your Fitbit wearable to the Fitbit app for your steps data to be current before that information will be reflected in Jiff. Anytime you open the Jiff app, your data should sync.

When do I need to sync by to ensure all my steps count for the challenge?

You must sync your steps by June 11, which is 3 days after the challenge ends, for the steps to count. We cannot count any steps you sync after June 11.


How do I unlock the next milestone in the race?

You and your team can unlock each milestone in the race by tracking 125,000 steps. To complete the race, your team will need to unlock 10 milestones by tracking 1,250,000 steps.

Can I manually input steps?

No. Only steps logged with a compatible activity tracking wearable or app will count in the challenge.

Points & Prizes

What points can I earn?

  • 150 points – Enroll in the challenge
  • 100 points – Walk 100,000 steps as an individual
  • 100 points – Walk 200,000 steps as an individual
  • 100 points – Walk 300,000 steps as an individual
  • 50 points – Finish the race as a team

What prizes can I earn?

Step Across GD includes prizes for individuals and teams. Prizes will be Visa gift cards.

  • Individual. If you, as an individual employee, complete an average of 10,000 steps a day throughout the challenge, you will be entered into a raffle at the end of the challenge to win a prize.
  • Teams. If every member of your team tracks at least 5,000 steps per day for all 30 days of the challenge, your team will be entered into a raffle at the end of the challenge. If your team wins, each employee member of the team will receive a prize.

Keep in mind that prizes are taxable to winners.

Can my spouse earn points and prizes?

  • Points. If you have an eligible spouse who earns points through the challenge, his/her points will be added to your points total. You can then use your total points as part of your business unit’s incentive program, if offered.
  • Prizes. If you have an eligible spouse who earns points through the challenge, he/she will not be eligible to enter the raffle. Keep in mind, a spouse’s steps will count toward making the team eligible for a team prize, but the spouse will not be eligible to receive a prize if the team wins.