Meet the Dunkel Family


A Mother-Daughter Duo

On December 20, 1993, Sandi Dunkel—now Manager of Employee Benefits—stepped foot into the NASSCO shipyard for the very first time. Soon after, she would be promoted to an Employee Benefits Analyst and had a cubicle in Building 15, Room 105.

In the Spring of 1995, Sandi brought her nine year old daughter, Michelle Brianne Dunkel, to NASSCO’s “Bring Your Daughter/Son to Work” Day. Michelle was allowed to play hooky from school and watched as her mother assisted employees with benefit-related issues, including enrollments, retirements, and 401(k) questions. Michelle also assisted her mother with filing projects throughout the day.

Michelle was definitely a great helper that day and learned a lot about the role the Benefits Department plays in NASSCO employees’ everyday lives. Growing up, Michelle and her brother Andrew were also helpful with ship christenings and launches, and Family Day events.

Today, twenty years later, Michelle is employed as a Production Support Specialist II in Repair. She is a mother to three sons: Devon, Brandon, and Mason.

Sandi says, “It is a definite that PaPa and Grammy are very proud of their daughter and their grandsons!”

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