Employee Spotlight

Patrick Cook, NASSCO Electrical Outfitter, 3 Years at NASSCO

“I will say, some of these work can be rough but the satisfaction of putting it all together, there’s a lot of pride. I was in the Marines. There were times I would wonder how they build these big ships and after coming here, you can see how it’s broken down like legos. That’s how I got good at my craft because I used to love Legos as a kid. It’s like building a box of legos – building it piece by piece.”













Art Armstead, NASSCO Rigger – Repair, 31 Years at NASSCO

“My favorite thing about working at NASSCO is using my mind and figuring out to make the job happen. To me, Rigging is like art. We’re using our imagination before we move the pieces. The steel piece is only going to do what you make it do. It don’t control you, you control it.”