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Message from the President – PDF

Fellow NASSCO Employees,

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented time in our history. The challenges we face as a business, and as a society, are uncharted waters. I share your concerns, and the safety of our workforce is at the forefront of my daily decision-making.

General Dynamics NASSCO has been deemed mission essential, and it is important that we accomplish that mission. We will remain open in accordance with the President’s guidance, which specifically identifies the defense industrial base as being among the critical infrastructure industries having a “special responsibility” to maintain a normal work schedule during the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a defense contractor, we cannot unilaterally refuse to perform our government contracts or discontinue operations, and because of this, we do not have the discretion to shut down.

NASSCO is regularly assessing the state of affairs related to COVID-19. We have implemented all current government-recommended measures to mitigate spread of the disease and continue to work closely with our employees, customers, suppliers, and our community to keep everyone informed.

We are continuing to add new hand-washing stations, distribute personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies throughout our facilities. Meetings have been restricted to business-essential only, and we have implemented screening of all visitors to NASSCO facilities. Regular cleaning throughout our buildings and work areas has been increased, and we are actively working to limit the gathering of people. Additionally, we are sending regular communications on the best practices for maintaining personal hygiene, a clean work environment and other relevant updates.

With the recent closing of schools and the restrictions set by the government, we are exercising flexibility in company policies and making an effort to provide shift alternatives and remote work whenever possible. If you are facing challenges, I encourage you to discuss them with your supervisor.

During a conference call today, The Honorable James Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition took a moment to personally thank all the shipbuilders for continuing to execute our important work. I am also thankful for the hard work and commitment from the entire NASSCO team.