Frequently Asked Questions/Supervisors Guidelines Re: Employee Absences Due to the Coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions/Supervisors Guidelines – PDF

  1. School closings: an employee is experiencing childcare issues in light of school closings, what should I do?
    1. NASSCO intends to be as flexible as possible. Supervisors should discuss with the employee options to move to a different shift, change reporting hours, or work remotely temporarily so long as the change will not impose significant disruption to business operations. Supervisors should coordinate with their department leadership to approve changes to work schedules or locations.However, if no alterations in shift or schedule is sufficient and an employee must be out or is requesting leave, here are the following leave options:· Use accrued sick leave hours · Use accrued vacation hours, with supervisor approval · Request an unpaid personal leave of absenceEmployees on an unpaid status may qualify for income replacement benefits through California’s Employment Development Department. For more information go to: options are also available for employees experiencing other challenges relating to COVID-19, such as transportation issues, self-quarantine decisions, and other family concerns. Additional options are being considered for individuals who exhaust available paid time off hours.
  2. Personal illness or leave to care for a sick family member: an employee has a question, what should I tell them? 
    1. If an employee reports flu-like symptoms to you, including fever or cough, please have the employee quickly gather personal belongings and proceed immediately out of the yard with the following instructions (cards are available with this information):COVID-19 NASSCO EMPLOYEES ONLY
      For Information & Absence Reporting Contact: (619) 544-8585
      or Email
      * Provide Your Name, Badge and Phone NumberIf you are experiencing COVID-19 Related Symptoms
      Contact your Health Care Provider
      Anthem BCBS: 844-274-9561
      Kaiser Permanente: 833-574-2273
      SIMNSA: 800-424-4652
    2. As for leave-related questions, HR will work directly with employees on a case-by-case basis for next steps and instructions on accrued time available, short-term disability programs, and other paid family leave options, as well as when and how to return to work. Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 may be required to self-quarantine and HR will help guide them through the process for leave.
  3. What do we tell subcontractors?
    1. NASSCO supports flexibility during this time, but requests that subcontractors work directly with their own employers for options. Just like NASSCO employees, if a subcontractor reports flu-like symptoms to you, immediately send them out and direct them to contact their employer. Please inform Enette Perez, Subcontractor Administrator, regarding any actions relating to subcontractors. Additionally, a letter will be issued to all sub-contractors/labor providers. 
  4. Where can I find up-to-date information or additional resources regarding information distributed by NASSCO concerning the coronavirus?
    1. Go to and there will links to common resources and informational updates.