COVID-19 Update for Employees – Suspension of NASSCO Vanpool

COVID-19 Update for Employees – Suspension of NASSCO Vanpool – PDF

PUBLISHED: April 3, 2020

In accordance with CDC guidelines related to social distancing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the following communication addresses NASSCO’s suspension of the vanpool program for drivers and participants.

The vanpool program will be suspended effective Monday April 6, 2020. NASSCO will reinstate the program as soon as it is safe to do so.

The NASSCO payroll department will cease making automatic payroll deductions for vanpool participants next week to coincide with the suspension of service.

NASSCO issued gas cards, for vanpool drivers, will be temporarily deactivated during the vanpool program suspension. Vanpool drivers should retain the gas cards for use once vanpool service is resumed.

All participants will need to seek alternate methods of commuting to work.

NASSCO requests that vanpool drivers please relay this suspension information to your vanpool occupants in the event they do not receive this memo directly. Additionally, vanpool drivers should coordinate directly with the rental car agency providing their van in order to comply with all turn-in requirements. This may include a photograph of the odometer and parking location of the van.

If you have any questions regarding this communication, you may contact NASSCO’s Vanpool Coordinator, Yuriana Rodriguez (619) 744-1412.

Subcontractors should report to their company’s coordinator for further instructions.