COVID-19 Update for Employees

COVID-19 Update for Employees – PDF

NASSCO has been informed that an employee has tested presumptively positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). This employee last worked on April 17, 2020, in SOC 6. Contact tracing and plans for cleaning and disinfecting are underway.

We also appreciate employees continuing to keep us informed if they develop COVID-19- related symptoms and test positive while out on personal leaves of absence. While these reports may not require contact tracing at NASSCO, we still value the information. If you are tested for COVID-19, please call the dedicated HR line at 619-544-8585 to let us know. The sooner we have information, the sooner our team can respond and take the next steps.

We know this is a serious illness and even one-person sick is too many. Our thoughts are with all our NASSCO families that may be experiencing illness from this pandemic. While we may be anxious to return to our normal lifestyles, it is important to stay committed to social distancing, wearing masks and/or face coverings, cleaning around us, and washing our hands often for as long as it takes to end the spread of this virus.

Please see our latest updates here: NASSCO employees can text “NASSCO” to 877-789-8398 for updates via SMS.