COVID-19 Update for Employees

COVID-19 Update for Employees – PDF

NASSCO has been informed that an employee has tested presumptively positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The employee last worked on April 3, 2020. There has been no close contacts with this individual because they had already been out of work prior to experiencing symptoms.

In the past week, we were glad to see several employees back at work after recovering from, or being exposed to, COVID-19. We are thankful that they are doing well, and welcome them back!

We would like to make everyone aware of some new guidance from the CDC. One of the changes is related to what we have been referring to as “close contact individuals.” Those are the individuals that the safety team determines may have been in close contact with someone that has been identified as having COVID-19. Any individuals found to be in close contact will be monitored for 14 days and remain at work as long as they are asymptomatic, but must continue to use the required PPE and face coverings at all times.

New Case Protocol:

  1. HR and Safety conducts contact tracing
  2.  Once all information is verified in accordance with CDC guidelines, any individuals who were found to be in close contact with the infected individual are notified
  3. Once that process is complete, we can communicate the information to the entire workforce and our partners

Please note that the investigation and verification times can vary based on several factors, and we appreciate everyone’s attention, patience and commitment during a difficult time.

Please see our latest updates here: NASSCO employees can text “NASSCO” to 877-789-8398 for updates via SMS.