COVID-19 Update for Employees 040720

COVID-19 Update for Employees – PDF

NASSCO has been informed that an employee has tested presumptively positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). This employee last worked on March 27, 2020, at Tidelands 2 – Shop Floor, and was at home for several days prior to any related symptoms beginning. Therefore, the Safety team determined there were no close contacts with this individual at our facilities as determined by CDC guidelines.

Daily routines here at NASSCO have changed for us all. We need to stay vigilant and ensure that all employees are following the guidance on social distancing and hand washing hygiene. Though we have increased facility cleaning and sanitizing measures, the most helpful thing you can do is wash your hands regularly, wear your PPE and face coverings, and maintain your physical distancing.

As a reminder, if you have any of the symptoms of the coronavirus including shortness of breath, persistent coughing or fever, please stay home and call your health care provider for further medical information. Please notify your supervisor and contact NASSCO Human Resources at 619-544-8585 or If you are at work and start to experience these symptoms, please notify your supervisor, leave work immediately and call the number above for further guidance.

Please see our latest updates here: NASSCO employees can text “NASSCO” to 877-789-8398 for updates via SMS.