COVID-19 Update and Safety Reminder for Employees

COVID-19 Update and Safety Reminder for Employees – PDF

COVID-19 Update and Safety Reminder for Employees

We continue to work hard to minimize the spread of COVID-19 at NASSCO and we thank everyone for their support in keeping your fellow shipbuilders safe. NASSCO is taking significant steps to provide guidance and PPE to support a safe workplace. Everyone must follow the established safety protocols to minimize the spread of the virus and keep the NASSCO family safe.

Unfortunately, some individuals have come to work with flu-like symptoms and were later diagnosed with COVID-19. This is contrary to established and repeatedly publicized safety protocols. This is a reminder NOT to come to work if you are sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and to contact HR at or (619) 544-8585.

As a reminder, by entering a NASSCO facility, you agree to wear a face covering and that you are not experiencing any flu-like symptoms. Treat these safety initiatives like any other safety regulation, and if you “see something, say something.” Please help to keep us all safe and notify your supervisor if you observe anyone not adhering to these safety protocols.

NASSCO has increased the frequency of disinfecting and uses foggers daily to disinfect numerous common areas throughout the shipyard, as well as areas identified during the contact tracing process.

While disinfectant fogging supports our existing processes used throughout the facility to disinfect high-touch surfaces, please remember to continue to wash your hands regularly, wear your face coverings, clean your face coverings, and practice social distancing. We are all in this together.