Frequently Asked Questions – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 04/04/20
Published: 03/31/20

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Q: Why are we working when the California Governor said we should stay home?

The President of the United States directed that all critical businesses remain operational. Shipbuilding and Ship Repair is part of our critical national defense infrastructure, and as a federal contractor, operations at NASSCO must continue.  The Governor’s directives are in line with these federal mandates which specifically exempt critical infrastructure sectors like NASSCO from California’s stay at home orders. As a result, we do not have the discretion to close. 

Q: Do we plan to stop work on the commercial ship for Matson?

No.  Similar to our Government programs, the commercial shipbuilding & shipping industry is also considered part of the national critical infrastructure. 

Q:  Why do some employees get to work from home?

NASSCO is doing all we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  This includes allowing employees to work from home if they can perform all job duties using a computer and a telephone. Obviously, not all jobs can be successfully completed offsite and certain functions must continue to work onsite. NASSCO is continuously exploring efforts to support as much remote work as possible without disrupting essential operations. 

Q:  At what point do we close shop and stop operations?

As part of the nation’s critical national defense infrastructure, NASSCO will remain operational at this time.  If certain areas need to shut down for containment reasons, lack of work, and/or material or manning issues, employees will be reassigned to other areas if possible. 

Q:  Are vanpools being canceled?

Vanpool service has been temporarily suspended.

Q:  If I am here working, what is NASSCO doing to help keep me safe?  

NASSCO is committed to the safety of our workforce as a top priority.  In response to this pandemic, the following measures have been taken:

  • 65 additional portable handwashing stations (each with two sinks) were added throughout the yard and on board ships to supplement current restroom facilities.
  • Increased cleaning of commonly used areas, including lunch spaces, restrooms, and offices is underway; this includes frequent cleanings of high-touched surfaces such as turnstiles, time clocks, and door handles.
  • More lunch areas and tables have been added to help employees spread out during breaks and lunch.
  • Large gatherings and meetings have been eliminated and distancing between workers at required briefings and huddles is being done as much as possible.
  • A screening questionnaire is now being used to prevent high-risk visitors from entering the yard.

Q:  What is social distancing?  How can we practice social distancing and still do our jobs?

Social distancing means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining distance (6 feet or 2 meters) from others whenever possible. Large gatherings and meetings have been eliminated and distancing workers continues as much as possible. Separating workers may include moving employees to a different shift to decrease the number of workers in the facility at any one time.  We are also promoting physical space between workers on the job whenever possible.  Additional PPE is being provided to those who cannot exercise social distancing at all times while working.

Q:  How do I get a mask? / Will everyone have a mask?

Employees will be supplied some form of facial protection and appropriate mask for the job being performed. Respirators (if certified for one), N95 masks or dust masks are available from any NASSCO tool room.  N95 masks will require an IDM from your supervisor.  Neck gaiters are also available from your Superintendent.  Please care for the equipment and masks you receive.  

Q:  Why do I have to work another shift?

One way NASSCO can help with social distancing is to spread out the workforce as much as possible and reduce the number of employees at the facilities at one time.  Increasing the number of workers on second and third shift will help.  Employees also have the option to request a shift change to accommodate any childcare or family issues due to school closures or other family disruptions.  Employees should discuss shift options with their supervisors. 

Q:  Is Building 1 and the Medical Department closed?

Building 1

While access to Building 1 is temporarily limited, all services within the building remain open and available with contact numbers posted on the front door for each service area including employment and staffing, subcontract administration, labor relations, payroll, benefits, attendance and leave administration.  Employees are still able to access these offices and services, but limited to a few people at a time. If you need help, please call the appropriate number posted on the front door and someone will be available to assist you.

Medical Clinic

The NASSCO Medical Clinic is an occupational health support department, it is not a primary care clinic or treatment facility for coronavirus (COVID-19).  During this health crisis, there is limited staff at the clinic for our occupational services, which means the clinic may have reduced hours. However, the onsite Fire Department is available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies and continues to support the clinic team as needed.

Kaiser has temporarily closed its Monday and Friday onsite primary care services at NASSCO because the medical resources must be deployed at larger Kaiser facilities and hospitals.  We will keep you informed when the Kaiser services resume.

Onsite physical therapy support for workers compensation has also been suspended for the next 30-days.  Injured workers needing physical therapy will be referred to locations offsite as available. The industrial support Work Right program continues to be operational at this time.

Q:  What are the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)?  How do I know if I have it?

The common symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.  Some people may also feel body aches, chest pain, and fatigue. These symptoms could be mild or more severe in some people. The Center for Disease Control website is the best place for more information.  If you feel sick or show any of these symptoms, you should contact your health care provider for information relevant to your medical history and personal situation.


Q:  What do I do if I feel sick or think I am experiencing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms?

  1. If you are home and feel sick, stay home. Do not come to work.
  2. If you are at work and feel sick with flu-like symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath), quickly gather your personal things, notify your supervisor, and go home immediately. Do not go to NASSCO’s Medical clinic.
  3. Once home, call your health care provider for medical guidance. The number for each medical plan for coronavirus (COVID-19) help is listed below.
  4. You must also call or email NASSCO Human Resources and leave your name, badge, and telephone number. Someone will return your call within 24 hours to give you information on next steps, including leave options, using your accrued time off and other benefits, and available wage-related programs.


Q:  I am enrolled in one of NASSCO’s medical plans, how do I get care if I get sick?

All health care providers have asked for individuals to call their primary care doctors and/or call for instructions and appointment information at the numbers listed below.  Kaiser also has a dedicated resource on all coronavirus (COVID-19) questions and appointment scheduling and instructions, including a dedicated telehealth option.

Any employee experiencing a medical emergency should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Q:  What do I do if someone in my family is sick?

If you need to stay home to care for a sick family member, contact your supervisor and report to HR at 619-544-8585 or  You will receive information on leave options, using your accrued time off and benefits, and the wage replacement resources available to you, including paid family leave through the state.

If anyone in your house has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), is being tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) and is waiting for a result, or is experiencing the active symptoms of coronavirus (COVID19), you should not come to work and need to call HR at 619-544-8585 or to review your leave and pay options while you stay home.

Q:  What if I am tested for coronavirus (COVID-19), should I let NASSCO know?

If you are tested for coronavirus (COVID-19), please call the dedicated HR line at 619-544-8585 and someone will call you back.  If you have tested positive, and you report it to NASSCO, we can then begin the steps to help safeguard your coworkers that may have been in close contact with you.  The sooner we have information, the sooner we can respond and help others. You will not be treated any differently because you have or have not been tested, or because of your test results.  We will follow the confidentiality requirements concerning your private health information. 

Q:  What will happen if I am afraid and don’t want to come to work?  Will I lose my job?

Employees can request a two-week leave of absence if you decide to stay home because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Your absence will automatically be excused if you contact the HR line at (619) 544-8585 to request leave, and hourly paid employees will not receive attendance points.  You will also receive guidance on using your available accrued paid time off hours (sick/vacation), as well as other wage replacement programs available through the state. 

Q:  What if I need to take time off to care for my children due to school closures?

If you need to care for children because of school closures, please talk to your supervisor.  Adjusting your shift and work hours is an option.  If you have to take time off, you may use your available sick/vacation hours.  If you need a leave of absence, please contact your supervisor and report to HR at 619-544-8585 or  You will receive information on leave options, using your benefits, and the available wage replacement resources, including paid family leave through the state.

Q:  How will I be told if there is a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) individual here?

We will follow a dedicated safety response process should there be a confirmed positive coronavirus (COVID-19) case at our facilities.  This includes direct cleaning and disinfecting the affected area(s) and identifying other workers that have been in close contact with the confirmed positive individual. We will follow the CDC guidelines to determine who has been in close contact with the confirmed positive individual.  Close contact workers will be personally notified and directed to self-quarantine.  For NASSCO employees – supervisors, Safety and the HR team will help guide them through the process.  Subcontractors should seek instructions from their employers.

Q:  There are lot of rumors going around, who can I contact to get facts?

NASSCO’s website now includes a coronavirus (COVID-19) update link that will include all company-wide updates and information.  If you are not sure the information you are receiving from outside sources is correct, please talk with your supervisor, GS or Trade Superintendent.  We all have to do our best not to pass misinformation, speculation or rumors.  We encourage all employees to be in the know and sign up for NASSCO text alerts.  Text the word “NASSCO” to 877-789-8398 to sign up.