Our People

NASSCO’s employees are the most important assets for our pursuit of continued growth and customer satisfaction. Our people are highly skilled and most have many years of experience working at NASSCO and in the shipbuilding industry.


The company maintains an environment in which communication is open and people work together to bring about continuous improvement. Employees understand and are dedicated to carrying out the company’s Mission and Values.

NASSCO believes that education is necessary for improvement. The company offers extensive training programs on-the-job, after-hours and off-site. Employees are encouraged to improve their skills and knowledge, both for their own benefit and the benefit of our customers.

In addition, the company is committed to a safe workplace for everyone, at all times and under all conditions. A strong safety record is made possible through constant attention to behavior, environment and processes.

Above all, employees treat each other with trust, respect and dignity. By practicing these values, the people of NASSCO have created one of the strongest and most successful teams in the American shipbuilding industry.